Good morning! Getting pumped up for the long road ahead with @IAmTaylorLocke and The Roughs #goinghome #marathon

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La-la-la-la-lo-oo-ove… You drive me crazy!

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Will it ever end…..?


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I still get a small thrill every time I head west on 80 and catch that first glimpse of The City and the Golden Gate Bridge. I♥SF


“Its simple. I love sharing places that I know with other people so that they can enjoy those places too”. - Craig Hudson

Talented photographer Craig Hudson was generous enough to begin a photo series on his website about all of his favorite spots to take photos in cities across America. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, this is the first of many posts still to come.

Click on each photo in the photoset for the location of where it was taken. Go to the original post for full photos, addresses, and descriptions at Really helpful info, especially for you aspiring photographers out there.

Big thanks to Craig for letting me make this. Looking forward for your future posts!

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Fountains of Wayne at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, on July 19, 2012. This was my 6th time seeing them since the first in 2007, also at GAMH. 

Mike Viola opened for Fountains of Wayne at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on July 19, 2012, with support from Rooney band members Ned Brower on drums and Taylor Locke on bass guitar. 3’s a charm - finally met Mike before the show as I was buying tickets. Happy he noticed my Bleu shirt and my son’s Taylor Locke and The Roughs shirt. Having been to acoustic performances twice before, I really loved hearing everything electric this time. 

Jamie Scott - Graffiti6 interview at KFOG radio’s private concert, San Francisco 6/21/12


Don’t you just love him?

Graffiti6 at Alice Radio’s Summerthing, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco 6/24/12